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Andrea Manzati   |

Alconic = Andrea Manzati = Italian illustrator and designer based in Verona, Italy. After 4 years working as a graphic designer and illustrator for Happycentro, dealing with big italian and international clients, I’ve decided to start my professional illustrator career. I love to play and experiment on different styles of illustration, from geometric and simple images to physical composition using plasticine.

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Morag Myerscough’s Dining Rooms.

I’ve just come across these impressive works by Morag Myerscough which were commissioned by Vital Arts and created for Barts & The London Children’s Hospital as part of a series of five dining rooms.

I love the idea of a bright and colourful typographic environment being used to enhance a dull and sterile room in a hospital so as to make it a more uplifting place to be.

More of Morag’s work can be seen at

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Visors from Cyberdog

I love these visors, they’re so versatile! Your statement either says, “I’m from the future” or “I’m a fucking transformer.”

Do they hurt your eyes to wear?


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